Reading Something about These Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

  • Checking out these reviews online for your photo editing
  • Lightroom presets available through Sleeklens with its corresponding reviews
  • Extracting something from these masters in photography through their reviews

Now that you have your Sleeklens lightroom preset, it is now time to read something about it. And this Sleeklens lightroom preset reviewed recently is the perfect reading material to it.


You can’t underestimate the use of a Sleeklens lightroom preset reviewed. For one, these are the kinds of reviews that are proven to be effective, because they have been based on real life situations. Second, with so many tools to offer, Sleeklens is aiming to equip not just professional photos, but also those who have this penchant for churning out quality photos.

That might be easier said than done, but most of this Sleeklens lightroom preset reviewed has undergone some intense trial and error before these reviewers put to paper what they believed are real life solutions and options on how to deal with photo editing using these lightroom presets from Sleeklens.

Nowhere can you find reviews on the web about photography than what Sleeklens has to offer. They give you that total package, from choosing the right tools to its post processing procedure, all these items are discussed and dissected in this Sleeklens lightroom presets reviewed.

With a diversified preset in its collection, there’s no doubt that you can achieve that specific effect in no time, experimenting with these tools that allow you to churn out unique effects that never fails to put a smile on that viewer’s face.

For more of these reviews, though, you need to click this link,, so you can start working on it, and deliver some great looking photos on your website or social media account. Thanks to this Sleeklens lightroom presets review, there’s no stopping of producing beautiful yet quality photos in the process.

Why Lightroom for Your Wedding Pics  

  • Presets for Lightroom 5 that you can use for your photo editing
  • Lightroom 5 presets specifically for your wedding pictures
  • Photo app that is compatible with both Mac or PC

These Lightroom 5 presets online come in all shapes and sizes, but one of its popular presets, though, are those that cater your wedding pics.

You want to make sure that you have the best photos of your wedding, and part of that desire is using the appropriate photo enhancing solution for your photos after they have taken, and that you wanted to save something, so you choose these free Lightroom 5 presets.


You have chosen the right tool. These free Lightroom 5 presets not only enhance your photos significantly, it also allows you to make improvements as far as your image is concerned.

Certainly, you want to look good on your wedding day, but because you wanted something special, you’re planning to use these free Lightroom 5 presets on your photos to make your wedding day even more special and exciting.

Those who had their free Lightroom 5 presets for their wedding pics had only nice things to say about the app. And you can have that feeling too. These presets ultimately make your wedding pics one of your most important possessions.

Lightroom 5 has the best collection of wedding presets around, and all you need to do is to choose which among these presets serve best with your wedding action camera pics. Make your groom more manly, or your bride prettier, with these free Lightroom 5 presets.

You can get them anytime online, and whether you are using your Mac or PC, or using RAW images, no need to make some conversions anymore because Lightroom is compatible with them.

Consider yourself lucky with Lightroom because you get to enhance your photos with apps that are free online. No need to empty your pocket in order for you to have that app for the enhancement of your photos. With Lightroom, you can easily have this app anytime, anywhere.

Adobe Lightroom 5 Software Update

  • Lightroom 4’s editing features were okay until Adobe released LR 5.
  • You can use the full version of LR mobile when you subscribe to Adobe creative cloud subscription plan.
  • Lightroom 5 is by far the greatest version.

Generally, Adobe Lightroom has long been the top photo editing choice for both amateur and professional photographers. Thanks to its user friendly features, speedy performance, powerful editing tools, non-destructive color adjustments and more. The program enables users to convert RAW and JPEG files, allowing them to have a smooth and stress-free editing experience.

LR47Adobe is known for producing reliable post processing software, and one of their best selling products is Lightroom 5. Among all Lightroom versions, users are more comfortable with LR 5 since it contains useful editing features like more default Lightroom 5 presets and Graduated and Radial Tools.

We have decided to write a review about Lightroom 5 and newly announced Lightroom mobile in which enables users to modify, organize and share images straight from their mobile smartphones (iPad, iPhone and Android devices). However, although the app can be downloaded for free, you can only use the full version when you subscribe to Adobe creative cloud subscription plan.

Essentially, what we like the most about the fifth version is its ability to create Lightroom 5 presets with more room to effects and adjustments. This version might not be as perfect as what we expected to be, but we can conclude that it is the best software upgrade Adobe has ever made. On the other hand, when we tried using the mobile application, we noticed some bug issues since the app keeps on crashing during that time.

New tools to expect in Lightroom 5

Lightroom 4’s editing features were okay until Adobe released LR 5. If you’re still using Lightroom 5 until now, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Among the 6th Lightroom versions, Lightroom 5 is by far the greatest version for me and for other professional Lightroom users. Spot removal, Advance healing brush, Gradiant and Radial tools are all working effectively. Creating Lightroom 5 presets for raw images was also made easy with this version.

7 Superb Photoshop Actions for Free

  • 7 Photoshop actions available online free
  • Easy to use Photoshop actions for specific enhancements
  • Photoshop action that creates that 19th-century feel of your photos.

Having problems with your photos? You want to enhance or edit them and you don’t know which photo-enhancing app to use? Don’t sulk anymore, there’s a lot of free Photoshop actions available online.

Yes, free Photoshop actions. You don’t have to waste time anymore asking the help of a photographer for the enhancement of your pictures, you can do it yourself, with the aid of these free Photoshop actions.


You might want to take a closer look at some of the best free Photoshop actions on the web before using it on your photos. Get to know them, and start plotting it with your pictures and have that satisfying feeling afterwards.

  1. “Summer Haze” – If you want to brighten up everything on your photo, this is the appropriate Photoshop action for you. It has that “turquoise haze effect” on your photo image, allowing you to highlight your subject in front while dissolving its background.
  2. “Night to Twilight” – A set of free Photoshop actions that enables you to shift from night to twilight. This preset will take effect by reducing the opacity of its layers, creating that twilight atmosphere in the process.
  3. “Cross-processing ATN” – Another of these free Photoshop actions that create tons of effect on your photo image by skewing the color of your photo, increasing either its saturation or contrast.
  4. “Bella Action” – If you can enhance the tone of your hair and skin of that photo image, that would spark an intense effect on your viewer, especially by casting it with pink, which makes it romantic and nostalgic at the same time, courtesy of “Bella Action”.
  5. “Old Photo Action” – Another effect that is generating a lot of buzz from these free Photoshop actions is the “Old Photo Action”. It creates an authentic look on your photo as if it has seen better days.
  6. “Gum Bichromate Print” – If you want your pictures to look more like splices of an old film, then this is the Photoshop action for you. It allows you to present your photo with that 19th century look on it.
  7. “Spotlight” – “Spotlight” is another Photoshop action that brings out the natural beauty of your subject by highlighting it through a spotlight.

These six free Photoshop actions are just a sampling of the actions you can download online. So there’s no need for you to sulk in that corner and just imagine these effects you have in mind. You can flesh out these beautiful effects through these free Photoshop actions.

Lightroom Mistakes That You Should Avoid

One of the best things to do before trying out a new past time or interest is to check on their benefits, advantages and disadvantages. We really need to invest a lot of time in it to make sure that we are on the right path and to know if we’re doing the right thing.


There are several video and blog tutorials scattered online. It aims to provide assistance to beginners and professionals. These helpful tips are there to guide us about what we should do and avoid.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Today, there are a lot of people who want to enter and join the photography and image editing industry. However, they needed more resources, tips and trainings to help them in pursuing their dreams and desire to become a great photographer. This article will help you identify the most common Lightroom mistakes that you should avoid.

Inappropriate Adjustments

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is a tool that will help you transform your raw images into an outstanding photograph. But due to lack of skills in creating and modifying images, we tend to make inappropriate color adjustments which can lead to bad image editing. By downloading Sleeklens Color fantasy Lightroom product, it will help you identify which adjustments are suitable for all images as it contains premium and high-quality presets with good color adjustments.

If you’re in doubt of what you’re doing, you can always seek help online. There are a lot of helpful and useful Lightroom tips that will guide you on how to become skilful in using the program.

Photography is not just about holding the camera and taking pictures. It is about how you put emotions and life to the image. You can only do that by adjusting and modifying the images in Lightroom or in other well-known post processing platform.

Review: Features of Arvixe Hosting

arvixe2Generally, this review will give you complete and detailed information about Arvixe Webhosting since I had the opportunity to use it to my personal websites and it would be nice if I share this to all of you about the things I experienced about the company.

Responsive Customer Support Representatives:

As we all know, all hosting providers have 24/7 customer support ready. However, some of them just don’t really have it. In arvixe, their support is truly available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Moreover, they have a well-trained, skilled and responsive people ready to assist clients with their hosting needs.

Consistent uptime speed record

Arvixe hosting company has indeed an uptime speed record of 99.9 percent. I know it because I tried testing it personally at home. Good thing about the company is that when users experience server down time, they will automatically offer a full monthly refund in return to the inconvenience.

Reasonably priced hosting plans

Generally, arvixe hosting offers a well and reasonable plans for as low as $4 a month. However, the company has decided to give back and offer a cheaper monthly plan for $2.80 a month. Moreover, one of the reason of this great discount is that arvixe want to provide great hosting service to those people who can’t afford the minimum plan. Watch the video about arvixe reviews below:

Disadvantages of Arvixe

Unfortunately, most users complain about the company’s customer support reps as some of them do not have the ability to fix hosting concerns.



How Hosting Competitions Have Changed In Recent Years

image 8In the world of providing web hosting, especially in the year 2015, we have seen market changes in the way that people do their advertising. In the past, it was enough to simply advertise using Google, placing ads that would appear on the top of the right of the search engines, yet other people are now creating more innovative ways to start their marketing campaigns. Social media has come a long way, especially with Facebook having well over 1 billion users, and an increase in video views. People are using video more than ever before to generate interest in what it is that they’re selling, and the hosting industry is definitely part of this marketing effort. Here is what you should know about how 2015 has changed the game when it comes to hosting competitions between the different web host businesses operating on the web.

Advertising With Video

There are two specific ways that hosting companies are using video to their advantage. First of all, and the most obvious way, is they are promoting their company specifically. They will show the logo of their business, talk about the special deals that they are running, and these short videos can be seen both organically and through paid advertising and listings. On the other hand, people are using videos that are viral, ones that are very unique. The more they are shared, the more likely it is that people will watch the video and choose to visit the company that has created it. Some of which are some of the top hosting companies in the industry. One final note is that a combination of both of these strategies has been found to be very successful. By choosing to advertise on specific videos that are very viral, the small banner ads that are at the bottom, or the 10 or 15 second advertisements that must be watched before the video can actually be viewed, are also used by web hosting businesses. All of these strategies work together to generate thousands of visitors every day, leading to residual income for these businesses which charge monthly fees.

Combating Competitors

In order to stand firm among all of the competitors that are also using similar strategies, along with traditional advertising, price wars are very common where the initial month of the hosting is going to be very minimal, or sometimes free, in order to get people into their business. The way that this is changed is that people are mimicking one of the top web hosting companies, Host Gator, by using this monthly based free introduction to their business. Some of the shared hosting companies use to only offer cheap hosting when the fee was paid annually, but due to the success of this company, more people than ever before are offering the initial month for free.

Of course there are many other ways that advertising can be done when it comes to trying to generate business for a web host. Affiliate marketing campaigns, essentially allowing other people to market their service for a cut of the monthly fees, is a very powerful way to generate free advertising for their business. Who knows what the final advertising strategies will be for 2015, or even going into the next year. All that can be said is that as technology continues to increase in innovation and simplicity, web hosting businesses will adapt and use this to their advantage. Read more reviews about web hosting at namecheap coupon facebook page.

A Detailed Review of BlueHost


Bluehost Company started in 2003 by Matt Heaton. Their ultimate goal is to provide and deliver the best web hosting services to their customers. Today, the company is considered to be one of the utmost and world’s largest contributors of web hosting services. They are currently situated in Wasatch, Mountains in Utah.

I decided to create a complete and unbiased review of Bluehost Webhosting since I already tried using it to most of my sites. I know that if I share this blue host hosting review, it can be a great help to those people who are still looking for the best hosting provider.

Exciting Web Hosting Plans

For less than $4 per month, you can enjoy basic web hosting services. However, if you have high traffic websites, it is recommended that you use their dedicated hosting plans which are a little bit expensive.

Existing Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared Hosting

  • Starter – $3.95
  • Plus – $6.95
  • Business Pro – $14.95

VPS hosting

  • Standard – $14.99
  • Enhanced – $29.99
  • Premium – $44.99
  • Ultimate – $59.99

Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Standard – $74.99
  • Enhanced – $ 99.99
  • Premium – $124.99

Guaranteed Uptime Speed

Bluehost has a lot of advanced data centres which can attain up to gigabit fibre connections to sites all around the world. Bluehost Webhosting Company is famous in using high quality web hosting servers which are primarily made from the ground to guarantee a high speed service

Customer Service Support:

Fortunately, Bluehost have a remarkable customer service. They are best in providing and resolving technical issues


  • Lot of Free Features for Less
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automatic installations for CMS
  • High Server Performance
  • Easy-to-use cPanel


Bluehost is one of the best web hosting brands in the web hosting industry. They offer reasonable and affordable web hosting plans for as low as $3.49. Their services are great for beginners who want to protect their websites. If you want more comprehensive information, watch the bluehost reviews below:

An InMotion Review: Reliable And Consistent

inmotionhostingInMotion is a remarkably developing company which was started 13 years ago.  A number of website owners make use of them, but what exactly are they saying about their hosting performance?  You might have the need to observe them within a year or two.  They have become very popular amidst webmasters.

They have also gathered numerous honours during the last Decade from along with other web hosting review websites. I boast with regards to their business class hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, VPS, reliable customer service, etc. InMotion with pride exhibits their A+ Better Business Bureau ranking plus an excellent rating from CNET, which demonstrates they may be trustworthy and can merely generate a great support for your website’s requirements.

With each and every business that I review I prefer to provide you with a full evaluation of what you’re in fact acquiring with their program.  I like to review businesses on a variety of essential factors in order to get a complete knowledge of what they supply.  After scanning this InMotion review, you’ll possess a clear knowledge of the costs and plans they provide, overall performance, uptime, and customer support. On this full InMotion review I will also emphasize why I recommend and compliment their business.

InMotion supplies a variety of web hosting offers to select from.  No matter if you’re managing a little local website or a full blown business oriented sized website, InMotion has got your back.  At this time around, I actually have 2 VPS servers. I am also sharing it to all of my customers.

InMotion Shared Hosting

Their shared hosting plans are in fact known as “business plans”. Therefore, upon coming to their website if you’re thinking about a shared plan don’t be concerned if you can’t find it simply because it’s just called a “business plan”.  Thus now that we got that taken care of I will demonstrate the plans they’re supplying.


A very important factor I really like about InMotion is their overall performance.  I just know that all of their server rates and speed were exactly the same. InMotion makes use of advanced hardware plus they continuously monitor their data centers to make sure that their users are obtaining the most effective performance.  To know more about their services, check this InMotion review below:

Hostgator Hosting Review

In terms of website hosting, HostGator is recognized as one of the well-known companies. Nonetheless, like every other business, this place has inconsistent critiques regarding it at the same time, which can be typical since various consumers have various requirements and anticipations.

This review will depend on my own personal expertise with HostGator, and I will additionally provide you with a quick breakdown of evaluations I read online compiled by some other clients.

To start with we obtain to what their professional services and web hosting plans are all about. Let’s have a quick summary of this company’s background and history.

HostGator continues to be privately operated to these days. Brent Oxley is the founding father of the organization, during his college days in 2002, and remains as the CEO. The business today serves over 8 million domains with more than 400,000 clients around 200 nations.hostgator-webhosting

It began in Florida, however, the fast growth has required a move to Texas in 2007. The camp is in Houston along with office in Austin.
Additionally, it’s got also generate a Brazilian office at

Overall headcount on paycheck is considered to be approximately 200 however it is set being 400 in 2 years time.

The Endurance International Group (EIG) paid out $225 million for Hostgator in 2012. EIG is additionally the one who owns Bluehost and HostMonster. It’s really a real hosting business, even though I don’t believe all subsidiaries are excellent web hosting companies.

HG comes with a fascinating mix of services available, however, they really help to make their name by being ultra aggressive in the budget shared web hosting plans.

Three shared hosting solutions are on provide here – Hatchling, Baby and Business – as a way of the comprehensiveness of the services choices and assistance provision.
Apart from those, the organization offer reseller plans, VPS hosting and hosting, in addition to a joint venture partner program.

I did take a look at HG’s profile on the Better Business Bureau’s official internet site and discovered that HostGator has become a BBB Accredited Business since 5/1/2008, and likes an A+ rating (optimum).

In terms of customer issues, there exists a total of 128 complaints up against the company, out of which one 63 were really about their services and products (i.e, web hosting, site registration etc).

Fortunately though, it appears as though each one of these issues happen to be resolved. Anytime I see that, it makes me feel a bit better about a company knowing that crappy companies usually don’t care about their customers and their public image, so they won’t bother responding to every single complaint.

HostGator provides a wide selection of hosting deals beginning with $3.96/mo. With regards to regular website hosting deals, the pricing are the following:

1. Hatchling Plan – Starting at $3.96/mo hostgator

One domain
Limitless disk space
Unrestricted bandwidth
Shared SSL certificate

2. Baby Plan – Beginning at $6.36/mo

Unrestricted domains
Infinite disk space
Limitless bandwidth
Shared SSL certificate
3. Business Plan – Starting at $10.36/mo

Limitless domains
Unrestricted disk space
Limitless bandwidth
FREE private SSL & IP
Toll-Free Number

To look after the varied needs of the industry, additionally they add in numerous reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, for purchasers who needed greater than a regular shared hosting plan. There are so many Hostgator reviews circulating all over the internet. Watch a video about Hostgator review to know more about their product.

Beginners guide: LIGHTROOM 5 PRESETS

Most photographers, either beginners or professionals, are looking for something new, creative and easy to use tool that can be helpful in improving or enhancing their captured images. Generally, there are a lot of photo applications online such as Photoshop; however, photographers nowadays prefer using the newest photo application called Lightroom 5 Presets which is still under the company of Adobe. Moreover, the photo application is much faster and simpler compared to the other applications.

Users have two options to get the best photoshop actions or Lightroom 5 Presets, they can buy it for about $10 or download it for free. However, if you want to have a much better outcome, I prefer you buy it since it comes with a lot of presets options.

So, let’s discuss more about the best lightroom 5 presets available online.

If you are still new in taking photographs and if you have a very tight budget, try using the free versions of Lightroom 5 Presets. There are numerous free presets available online; you just have to choose the best for your images. Personally, I tried using hundreds of Presets, however, I deleted some of it since they don’t bring much colour and excitement to my images. But, if you have extra budget, try purchasing the paid application since it has more presets to offer.

Listed below are some of the best free Lightroom 5 Presets available online:

  • Ultimate Fighter
  • Ultimate Fighter 2
  • Autumn Pretty Presets
  • Sepia
  • Sepia Chic 2
  • Modern Age
  • Black and White
  • Vintage Preset



In my opinion, these eight Lightroom presets have the ability to turn a normal image into a more colourful image. Check out the information parrot for more lightroom 5 presets.

How to install Lightroom 5 Presets?

Lightroom 5 Preset is an easy to install application. You just have to download the file from any sites you prefer, follow the instructions and you’re done. You can now edit images like a pro. Watch this video tutorial on how to install lightroom:

Reviewing A Small Orange Hosting Provider

Among the merits of the company is it utilizes the consumer-friendly cPanel that is featured with easy-to-recognize icons as well as the icon names. Thus, controlling email, files and lots of other activities can’t be simpler anymore. Furthermore, to be able to simplify cellular phone procedure for plenty of software, the organization also provides single-click installer named as Softaculous that’s integrated with cPanel. With this particular tool, people can install greater than 100 scripts effectively with ease and comfort.

The organization offers to provide a minimum of 99.9% uptime. With the objective of determining the actual situation, our editors have completed a performance testing and generate a new website located with A Small Orange. The brand new website is supervised 24×7 continuously for just one month consequently, it looks after a good uptime history because it states.a small orange host


Why A Small Orange has such good performance is it uses quality server and condition-of-the-art data centers. The data centers are supervised over Closed-circuit television, and also the servers are situated behind multiple redundant lines of physical security. Besides, the organization utilizes the conventional heating and cooling, fire suppression, redundant energy batteries and diesel energy to guarantee the appropriate operation from the data centers.

Our editors also give consideration for their page loading speed while supervisory its uptime. Because the organization spends a sizable amount of cash in enhancing the rate, it’s SSD disks that are 3 occasions quicker than the mechanical ones. Its server response time is 665ms normally which is simply a normal although not remarkable speed.

A Small Orange takes customer support seriously as a result it provides 24×7 tech support team through various methods like toll-free telephone call, live chat, and email. Whenever individuals have questions, they are able to get in touch with the organization very quickly.a small orange logo

Tech support team

Besides, all the support employees have a minimum of 5 years’ experience of this area. Before formally employed by this web host, they need to pass the strict buying process and constant training. Thus, they all are qualified to provide professional tips to all clients.

For the support efficiency, however, it makes sense not too good. Based on real customer feedbacks and data presented on its webpage, the typical response time is more than 50 minutes, that is much reduced compared to average level in the market.

Clearly, the organization provides 99.9% uptime in addition to user-friendly control panel. However, if this involves its cost, money-back featuring, it’s not suggested. For individuals that need for web hosting companies with budget-friendly cost, wealthy features, and unmatchable customer support, our editors have carefully selected several ones. Check out A Small Orange coupons for your discounts.


DreamHost : Quality Hosting

DreamhostMost people who have multiple websites are looking for a web hosting service that is reliable and affordable. That is the reason why DreamHost never fails to be included in the top list. Since its first operation in 1996, The Company has established its indisputable reputation as a reliable and affordable web hosting provider.

DreamHost Review: A trouble-free and Affordable Web Hosting Experience

When you are new to web hosting, you want to learn the simplest and easiest way possible. Focusing on delivering the web hosting experience to small business users, DreamHost designed their web hosting plans to be simple, easy to use and own and more importantly, provide real business value. They recognize that customers need to build powerful websites.

Their web hosting plan aims to provide everything that their customers need to keep their website running. This plan includes shared web hosting, WordPress Hosting Plan, VPS services and Dedicated Served Plan. It contains a lot of unlimited services such as storage, bandwidth, domains, e-mail accounts and 24/7 customer service support service.

DreamHost recognizes that effortlessness and worth are not the only things that matter in web hosting services. They also know that customers look for products that have high quality and consistent performance. Built on state of the art amenities, the web hosting company offers a stable, excessive hosting environment to their customers.

More from DreamHost

With the increase in demand of advancement in technology, DreamHost responds to this call by providing more great services to provide the hosting needs of their customers. Small businesses grow, so DreamHost needs to make more room for opportunities to them. Their VPS and Dedicated Servers give their clients more control and higher performance over their business’ websites. While still holding on to their standards, their dedicated servers give their customers new opportunities to own a private server, flexibility and great performance. Their dedicated server is intended for successful websites that need highest form of protection, security, optimal performance, and rapid response times.

Providing quality Web hosting services and products and offering the supreme value makes DreamHost more famous from the others. They have built their name and became a representation of this quality. DreamHost is now certainly one of the top web hosting service companies that everybody wants to embrace in their web hosting list before taking into deliberation of other hosting plans offered by other web hosting companies in the industry.

you want a more detailed information about DreamHost hosting, watch the complete and unbiased DreamHost review below.

A Review on Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground is among the leading web hosting provider in the market today. If you’re searching to host your website regardless if you are new to the web or a new comer to those sites, then Siteground is a spot for you for hosting your website and suits your needs.

It’s a fairly easy website of Siteground although there’s much more factor happening simply because they have numerous items that you may have been searching for within an amazing/reasonable cost.

When it comes to technology, it supports what most web hosting are searching for, like when we discuss Linux, you could have access for windows hosting, however, you only have two plans for this which is also likely to be a little more costly. siteground

However, you’ve got a Cpanel and you can get an incredible script installer which will work for script for plugs and forums. You may have email options so you possess some scripts for e-commerce and thus like all you might like, can there be for you personally.

Now moving further towards the Siteground Registration process which really is easy and incredibly clean, when you verify your domain it’s very simple since it just insists upon make your login credentials, make the payment and you will be ready to begin with your web hosting, that is extremely swift. You will truly enjoy it.

So speaking about Siteground they’ve got all the things you require for web hosting regardless of whether you want Linux or windows, any kind of script installer, site builder and whatever you need you’ll find within the Siteground.

If you want to know Siteground in detail, learn the facts here now and see a review of siteground hosting plans

If you’re looking at Siteground then next thing could be verifying the support level, and if we are speaking about web hosting, then you definitely certainly wish to have a provider with a good support and apply for the Live chat to determine the support system, after checking you’ll realize that they are quick and you may visit together with your queries anytime and also the solutions are extremely thorough.

You may also call for that queries and you will notice that it’s 24*7 working Customer Support plus they always solve your queries. Their response time can also be extremely swift. You may also contact Siteground through email; however I don’t think you’ll need it since it provides extremely swift support through Live chat or call.



GrayAMP is an MP3 player, plain and simple. It is small and lightweight but includes all the major features you need in a player (such as full playlist support). The interface is Finder-like and MacOS 8 friendly. In the spirit of MP3s, GrayAMP is free.

GrayAMP main screen

GrayAMP was meant to sit in the background on your computer and play your MP3s without a lot of fuss or fanfare. There are no visual plug-ins to waste your CPU power on, or skins to redo your interface, but this really is its strong point. You can place GrayAMP on your aging 6100/66 (etc.) and use it as an MP3 player. Or you can just run it in the background on your brand new, top of the line Macintosh and still render 3D graphics without a huge speed hit. GrayAMP, its small, and its fast.


  • Fast MPEG Audio engine, or…
  • QuickTime 4 can be used for playback (plays all QT-supported formats)
  • Complete Playlist features
    • Add, Remove, Rearrange songs
    • Sort by Name or Played status
    • Save & Load playlists
    • GrayAMP is smart enough not to lose track of files when moved
    • Drag & Drop files or folders
    • And of course, Shuffle & Loop
  • Simple, Finder-like interface (Full MacOS 8 style)
  • The ability to set your own Command-keys for Play, Stop, Pause, etc.
  • Contextual Menus & Navigation services
  • Live Windows & Scrolling
  • Lightweight (small) application

Cost: Nothing

Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC
System 8.0 or later
System 7.5.x/7.6 with Appearance Manager


To read more articles, visit our Home Page

GrayAMP Download

GrayAMP 1.2 released

It has returned. This time we’ve added support for the new Universal Playlist Format. It’s still new, and it’s not really universal, but we think it’s cool anyway.

GrayAMP. The future is in grayscale.
See the Version History for a list of the changes.

September 9, 1999

GrayAMP 1.0.0. available in Russian

Download the Russian GrayAMP

August 21, 1999

GrayAMP 1.0.0. available in Swedish

Download the Swedish GrayAMP