GrayAMP is an MP3 player, plain and simple. It is small and lightweight but includes all the major features you need in a player (such as full playlist support). The interface is Finder-like and MacOS 8 friendly. In the spirit of MP3s, GrayAMP is free.

GrayAMP main screen

GrayAMP was meant to sit in the background on your computer and play your MP3s without a lot of fuss or fanfare. There are no visual plug-ins to waste your CPU power on, or skins to redo your interface, but this really is its strong point. You can place GrayAMP on your aging 6100/66 (etc.) and use it as an MP3 player. Or you can just run it in the background on your brand new, top of the line Macintosh and still render 3D graphics without a huge speed hit. GrayAMP, its small, and its fast.


  • Fast MPEG Audio engine, or…
  • QuickTime 4 can be used for playback (plays all QT-supported formats)
  • Complete Playlist features
    • Add, Remove, Rearrange songs
    • Sort by Name or Played status
    • Save & Load playlists
    • GrayAMP is smart enough not to lose track of files when moved
    • Drag & Drop files or folders
    • And of course, Shuffle & Loop
  • Simple, Finder-like interface (Full MacOS 8 style)
  • The ability to set your own Command-keys for Play, Stop, Pause, etc.
  • Contextual Menus & Navigation services
  • Live Windows & Scrolling
  • Lightweight (small) application

Cost: Nothing

Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC
System 8.0 or later
System 7.5.x/7.6 with Appearance Manager


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